About Astigisms

Hi I’m Fabs, like many other bloggers I’m pa-deep. I’ll put my musings and other stuff here. Yay!

What is Astigism? Astigism is the belief in everything astig. I'm astig. You're astig. She's astig.

On a side not though; maybe I should really introduce myself: I am long haired, Dionysian-inspired, insane and brooding, and born in the wrong time: too far forward to be innovative and to explore and too far back to have fun. Living in the middle era made me realize that life is only boring if you let it be. So I’ve made it a personal responsibility to be amusing to myself, if others are amused by me; thank the cosmos. If not, and they find me annoying, let them curse the cosmos.

I am NOT a martial artist, but I am a martial arts tricker (if that's possible); one of the active few in the Philippines (but with the combined effort of Saturday Superheroes, Ninja Academy and other individuals, the future of the Philippine Tricking scene is looking good).

I am an avid TRPG'er (Tabletop Roleplaying Games), though I don't play as often as I want. Currently, I am talking to Dariel of Hari Ragat Games for a Filipino epic Swords & Sorcery game, so I'll be writing stuff about that.

I am a poet. I write poems.

I was a magician. I want to return.

I am many things at once, like your traits in Vivid and aspects in FATE; they're too many to make a comprehensive list.

Lastly; I am friendly. Not really. But I am.