Tuesday, July 21, 2015



Through my kuripot-ness I've amassed a small collection of RPGstuffs. They made me happy for a while, but there are pressing things in the moment that I need to notice. So I've decided to sell my stuff that I don't really use since I'm in a bit of a financial rut. Better to make use of them than let them sit still right?

Legend of Drizzt & Castle Ravenloft Minis (sold)

I'm selling these, and not the whole boxed set because I like the tiles. Useful for dungeon crawls and just throwing your players to wherever you need them.
Condition: Good, rarely used. Total number of minis: 82
Price: PHP2000

 List of Minis:
Shadow Dragon
Zombie Dragon
Flesh Golem                  
Drow Warlock
Old Hag
Yvonnel Baenre  
Kobold Sorcerer
Artemis Entreri
Dwarf Cleric
Human Ranger
Eladrin Wizard
Dragonborn Fighter
Human Rogue
2 Feral Troll
7 Goblins
3 Drow Swordsman
3 Gargoyle
3 Skeleton Warrior
3 Zombie
3 Ghoul
3 Water Elemental
3 Flaming Skeleton
3 Wraith
3 Hypnotic Spirit
3 Kobold
3 Spider
3 Wolf
3 Rat Swarm
3 Spider Swarm
3 Running Drake

Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Box Set

Check out the contents here.
Condition: Good, never used. The counters are popped but they're in a ziplock bag. Price: PHP1500

Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks Box Set

Condition: Great, counters unpopped. Price: PHP1500

Castle Falkensten, Comme Il Faut, Steam Age [SOLD]

Condition: Great, no pages missing. Price: PHP1000 for Rulebook,
PHP5000 for Steam Age
PHP5000 for Comme il Faut.

You can message me through my facebook account or email: [fabsbulwayen@gmail.com]. Thanks!

Friday, July 17, 2015


Long time no see! After getting busy with real life, we arrive here again, in the Kuripot Gamer's domain.

A lot has changed since I last posted, for one the group that's organizing the hardcore gaming seminar is now a named group, not some unnamed entity who creepily organizes stuff. Yay!Check it out, we're Gamers & GMs! How's that for a name eh? Anyway, thanks to these guys, today is a good day to be a Filipino gamer in the Philippines.

Why you ask?

Because after all those months of seminars, we're finally here. Where is here? Well, we had a successful Gaming Seminar run so now we finally have a gaming seminar... with open tables! YES! YES! YES!

The moment you've aaaalll been waiting for is here! You now have a chance to play with the best GMs in the country, learn from them and watch hardcore roleplaying action (not that kind of hardcore roleplaying).

It's on July 26 (a Sunday) at the
very trusty Makati B&B and Languages Internationale. It will feature tons of hygienic geeks, laughter, condoning 1s and celebrating 20s, RPG seminars and of course, games by hardcore GMs, namely...

TOBIUS ABADUS, MONZAR McCUTAY, MARKUS REDREYES, JEI-ZZTI BEN AN YONG (Included in the actual portrait is his son)!!!
*Actual Photo
So be there! July 26! We're getting closer and closer to the big bad... a convention. So let's support this one, thank the guys who voluntarily organized this event (and shelled from their own pockets, I must add) and be there! Let them feel our presence! Our energy ball! Our love!

Official event info for details

What: The Makati Gaming Seminar by G&G Philippines
Where: Makati B&B / Languages Internationale
When: July 26, 2015 12nn-6:00pm:
Participation Fee: 170 PHP
SEMINARS: (At Makati B&B Main Room. Time TBD)
A Glimpse and A Taste Indie Games You Might Want To Try - by Tobie Abad.
Learn about Lacuna Part I. The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City, Houses of the Blooded: Blood and Honor, Bliss Stage, Apocalypse World and Wield. And one of these games will be run on the day itself too!
Open Gaming Workshop - By Justin Aquino
3 other Gamers and myself with go through some Role-Playing or Improvisational and Public Speaking challenges in a workshop style method. Everyone else can watch, and we go through various exercises that improve our RPing and Playing off of each other.
OPEN GAMES: (To be held at the Languages Internationale Rooms)
1. Steven Universe RPG using the Cypher System - GM: Jay Anyong
2. Apotheosis Drive X - Science fiction giant robot war drama, primarily inspired by the Gundam 00 and Gundam Wing anime series using Fate Core. GM: Marc Reyes
3. GASTRONAUTS! - Fast, light, wacky food fighting galaxy saving heroes. System: Fate Core. GM: Mon Macutay.
4. A Glimpse and a Taste - For the first time in the Gaming Seminars, Tobie will actually run a game that he presented in the seminar! System: Depends on which game is chosen. GM: Tobie Abad

Pic Sources:
Elder Scrolls Online