Sunday, August 23, 2015

August Dungeons and Dragons

8 months. That's how long it took Gamers & GMs (unnamed for the first few months) to arrive to this. First came a handful of seminars with the goal to train GMs- turned out a success. RPGers flock each seminar, eager for knowledge and laughs over geeky stuff. But they wanted more. They wanted open tables. So we delivered, last month we had a 4 open tables (check out the video summary below). It was a dry run of things to come, a test to see if we can handle it. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the GMs behind G&G (who, I'd like to thank because almost everything needed for the event comes out of them voluntarily- be it financial or by deed), the even was a success and people asked for more.

I remember late last year, Marc and a couple of others are talking about how we can increase activity in the local community. Brains stormed and ideas were formed- we needed a seminar to 'train' GMs. We hoped we won't crash and burn. Come January, we had our first gaming seminar (then still called GM Seminars). We weren't expecting a lot of people, but lo and behold, we had a room of more than 20+! People from the edges of NCR (and someone from as far as Batangas even came!) visited, new friendships were formed, eyes were opened, and a tight knit community that lied low for a while suddenly had a resurgence.

I'm pretty proud to say that today is a good day to be a Filipino RPGer. Especially for newbies. Given the right scheduling, you can most likely game with an experienced GM. There's a growing number of RPG suppliers (check out my dice hunting guide here), RPG books are appearing on Power Book shelves, and you have a monthly Gaming Seminar to attend.

But enough of that 'whoo, we made it!' feel. What I'm here for is August D&D! The gang decided to pay tribute to the Granddaddy of Them All, Dungeons & Dragons! We're hosting a Dungeons & Dragons month, with two talks: Marc's gonna give a D&D 101 for the new blood, and BJ's gonna talk about kit-bashing D&D to make it YOUR D&D. And of course, we have our main course (hehe. I used 'course' twice): 6 OPEN TABLES! YEEEAAAHHH BOY! There's gonna be a wide variety of D&D to try so make sure you attend this August 30.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank the GMs behind this. No one asked for you guys to do this but you put it on yourselves to do it- and you did it with flying colors. I'm honored to be a friend of yours. Here's to more games (and a convention *wink*)!