Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What to Expect in a G&G Minicon

Masyaders kami maaga. 10am pa lang andun na kami. haha
It's been part of our monthly routine to go to the gaming seminars (my girlfriend and I are organizers after all) and we saw how it grew from a 25-people seminar to this mini-con with around 50 heads. It's great to be a part of this, plus we get lots of experiences and knowledge from the veteran GMs. Yay!

So to those who still haven't been to the G&G Mini-cons, and don't know what to expect, here's a post I made (with pictures!) to help you. The pictures here are from the last event, Horroctober!

As soon as you get to the 2nd floor, this is what you'll most likely see. Rachel and Erich on the 'reception' area we put up, handling registrations and payments (because we have to pay the rooms yo! haha). You also get a name tag with a d20 stamp! Yay!
Registration is usually packed.
Thanks to Rachel and Erich for their level 20 Patience!
On the walls and the table, you'd see a bunch of posters and papers. They're their to guide you where is where, what the games are, who's talking, what's up nex and we also put in a 'Looking for Adventurers' wall where you can put up your games and look for players! Yay!


You write your personal info & game info
and stick 'em here
See what games are available, who's running, and how many slots are left.
After registering, you go inside Makati B&B. Take a gander at the great miniature terrains for wargaming, or the wide array of board games! Man, it feels great to be surrounded by geekdom. Ha!
A very familiar scene to early comers.
After socializing with your geek friends, talking about how your rogue snatched that gem from a monster or how your brooding vampire successfully brooded about broody matters, and things like that, the room starts filling up. The talks usually goes first and the games start at 3:00PM. The talks are almost a guarantee to be fun and comedic, and isn't strictly a talk where you have to be quiet all the time. Audience participation is welcome, and the speakers usually let the audience tell a funny experience or something. A very warm atmosphere, even to beginners.

The talks are followed by the open tables. They're held in Languages Internationale, a language center conveniently managed by a G&G organizer (we didn't conspire, we promise! It all just fell into place!). And more convenient, it's just located across the floor in the Languages building! HA! BEAT THAT FOR TRAVEL!

Some of the games are for walk-ins while some might have pre-registration. It's always best to pre-register online to make sure you can play. If you register late and have found out that there's no games available (or you just want to chill and hang around), Tobie's games are usually the spectacle of the Makati B&B room. 
Treat yourself with intense roleplaying, exciting scenarios, and Tobie's exemplary GMing skills.
He ran dread on Horroctober, with my bro Aldrin pulling a block from the Jenga tower
Tobie's seasonings for his game

Tension-inducing! Grabe!
Mira's character has a pet cockroach. A big one!

You get +2 to your rolls if you see Jay GMing
with his kid strapped onto him.

You'll also see some serious 'roleplaying-as-a-cat' action
After the games, people like to hang out around the area, talk to GMs and other geek-friends. This is also the best time to talk to the GMs, maybe ask them for tips & tricks or whatever. Use this opportunity to find games! Start your own campaign!

That's about it folks! Now you know what to expect in a G&G Minicon! See you there next time!