Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kuripot Gamer has Dungeon World!

I was first exposed to Dungeon World when Nosfecatu gift'ed me the PDF last Christmas. Before that I wasn't really interested in Dungeon World since I had Tombs & Terrors and it kept me okay. After a simple prod by Beej and thinking 'ah what the fuck, I need to expand anyway', I read it.

And so I did, and lo and behold! I am enamored by its beauty and elegance! It's simplicity! plus the fact that I can go crazy wonky with it! Hurrah! With its rules-lite & narrative approach, it's the best high fantasy game for me.

Only thing is, it's in PDF. I had it printed but because of some binding issue, I wasn't able to get a colored cover version, so I have a foldered version lying around my house. Enter Abubot, with Dungeon World in softcover form in tow. I had to get it. I knew I had to get it. So after scrounging the cash (which is a feat to do, by the way) I was able to and I absolutely love it. Here it is in its full glory.
Oh yes. No point in this blogpost, I'm only bragging.