Thursday, January 22, 2015

the Window

The Window that provides little light
As we make love to each other
Moans of pleasure and kisses of passion
The small window agrees of our love

Our love that is so often of laughs and smiles
Hiding a battle for hard-bred warriors
We are warriors, partners, lovers-in-arms
Battles fought, battles won

The war knows the impending victor

We are victorious Sunstarer
We walk among the corpses of our foe
We make love and kiss on our opponents' death throes
Time is our opponent

The Window knows this,
we look to the Window for time
Yet the Window will not tell us
The Window knows the impending victor

Arms are our untamed energies
We are willful and young
Arms are our unconventional experiences
We are warlords

The small Window sees all this
Our love, our love
A testament of bliss