Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Aaaaaaaaadventure! Time.

Hailing from an era where cartoons are weird and cartoonists are probably high with LSD, I'm used to trip ass cartoons like Rocco, Catdog, and heck even Spongebob. They gave us a fantasy trip only accessible by adults- through hallucinogens. So in a way these cartoons were like little acid pills for kids, only much more colorful.
In our contemporary times (what like, 10 years after? Times are changing fast!), there has been a decline in over-the-top drug tripping cartoons. They've been replaced with much more sane shows (but peppered with pop references that are definitely not for kids) that, bluntly put, is quite boring.

Then came Adventure Time. Re-using a formula already proven to work, AT shone bright amidst shows that only suggest a hint of insanity (but lo and behold, few months later, Regular Show pops up). By embracing insanity, AT gave us what we wanted: drug tripping without the drugs, childishness without the immaturity, and freedom without the responsibility. With its nostalgic appeal, AT seduced even the older generations.

Though how cliche liking AT may sound, let's admit it, there are a lot of things to like in AT. And that, in itself, is good reason for me. The show is refreshing and light, perfect for any time of the day. Plus it being NOT genre-specific (Bananaman is a fucking space banana and Finn is a fucking 12 year old who fights like a High Fantasy warrior) makes it a great setting for TRPGs. In which I will continue now to... (cool segue way huh?)


Coming soon. Well, I'll just post my Vivid hacks really, then you just use it for AT.