Friday, October 10, 2014


You are alone
In the mists of sadness and empathy
You are alone

Alone with your lover
your friend
Alone with feelings
you’re afraid to end

In despair
You wallow
In sarcasm
she thrives

Her words
to you
are like sharp knives

You sink deeper
into despair
not yet
beyond repair

But will the sad heart
When the heart is sad and true

When your lover pushes you
And when your lover pulls you

In a game of push and pull
That you
wanted to escape

You avoid the Dionysian
Shun the beautiful grape

And thus you are there
in the thing
you hate the most

In sadness and despair
and in happiness ghost

You love
your lover
nothing can be so true

But in your sadness
you seem
oh so very blue

While she,
of failings her own
strike you with sharp tongue
your sadness
has grown