Thursday, October 16, 2014

On Rainy Seasons

Every tricker around the world has the season as both their friend and enemy, some have winter, while others have rainy season. Especially if you’re from the Philippines, a tropical country where the first six months is a preview of what the fires of hell might feel and the remaining six months is bent on trolling you; whenever you’re out of the house it rains as fuck but when you’re inside it’s bright and shiny. But you do not have to be lethargic throughout the rain; it’s the best time to go on a sampler marathon or train your kicks (Remember: no matter what, your kicks suck – TRAIN THEM! Train them for the sake of Faerun!)

Here are a few other tips to keep your rain seasons productive:

1) Trick Analysis
                Fire up your fave tricker’s sampler, get your tricking notebook and observe how your fave tricker does his/her tricks. Pause and play, reverse, slow mo, etc. Note down the idiosyncratic movements and compare it with your tricks. You’ll realize that what you really need is already inside you, you just need awakening and realization. (So deeeeeeep)

2) Practice Kicks
                Warm up first! Visualize that you’re Bruce Lee and kick like a (Ed) boss! This will help you in more ways than you can ever conceive. Don’t kick your furniture though, pity them, pity the pitiful furniture. Hurt them not, backyard warrior, hurt them not for they hurt you not.

3) Calisthenics
                Part of tricking is making your body stronger and well-rounded. Calisthenics helps you with that; also being able to do badass bodyweight exercises is hardcore!

Why am I posing in the dark?

4) Read books
                It’s the best time to chill and learn something new; or just be immersed in a good story.

I'm deep into High Fantasy and Swords & Sorcery. Like Dungeons and Dragons shit. Play with me!

                Remember, it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in your house you can’t do anything productive. Be creative and make use of every time you have- you only have so little it would be utterly pointless wasting your time not having fun or not learning something new.