Wednesday, October 8, 2014

From Legends Forgotten and Stories Untold

Hi, I'm Bulwayen the Makahudhud- a bard or storyteller for you who do not know. I'm also a hunter. I frequent forests not just for game but for peace and serenity found there.


Amidst the noise and fast flow of time these days, you find yourself here. Do you know why you're here? I do not. You may have grown tired of the concrete pavements that hinder the growth of fragile but beautiful flowers, or you yearn to see the beautiful blue skies covered by those tall gray structures, or perhaps you simply want to relax in the fields of grass, I truly do not know. You probably don't too. However, this does not mean the reason you're here for is in vain. Who knows what you're here for? Or maybe you're here to create your own destiny?

You cannot shape a colorful destiny with a bland life. No, you must pepper it with struggles and challenges- either from natural opponents or sentient foes. By facing these struggles, or perhaps your fears, your desires will come to fruition.

Do you desire to be a powerful warrior followed by an army, a playful wanderer itching to see the world? Or perhaps be someone who challenges the gods in hopes of attaining divinity, it does not matter, for all of these is possible.

Your ancestors certainly did not live a mundane life. For almost 500 years invaders suppressed an already rich but still blossoming culture, for the next century the descendants of the original bad-asses are reduced to psychological slaves. But you, I hope, not you. You being here means the generation hasn't degenerated too much.

We have hope.

And you, Hope-bringer, shall go on a journey in your head, with your imagination as tool, to the far reaches of Janggalan. Prepare for what awaits you- I assure you, it is epic.

Contact if you'd like to play a Tabletop Roleplaying game inspired by a pre-Hispanic Philippines.